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Opening and Closing the Club - Time restrictions lifted - IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ

Hi Everyone

In an effort to try and get as back to normal as we can, from tomorrow (26th June) I won't be opening up and closing the club down every day. This does mean a few things will change, please read below for the changes:

1. The courts will be open again from 8am - 10pm, just as they used to be.

2. The clubhouse will remain closed apart from the toilets which can be used in an emergency and you can now enter the games room to turn the floodlights on. PLEASE DON'T USE THE CHANGING ROOMS FOR GETTING CHANGED IN OR HAVING A SHOWER.

3. If you arrive at the club and the wooden 5 bar gates at the entrance are closed you can now open them.

4. If the court gates are closed you can now open them, if you have to open them please then prop them open with either the brick or cone next to the gate. They need to be left open all day until the last booking in which case you need to close them after you have finished (if you feel uncomfortable doing this you should be able to do this using your racket and foot). At anytime of the day please make sure you are not the last booking of the day (you all know we have had problems with foxes eating the nets so we need to make sure the gates are always shut at night).

5. The Sanitiser will always be left out.

6. As the clay courts now won't get swept at the end of the day if you feel comfortable enough and want to please brush your clay court before use (I don't want to force anybody into brushing the clay courts if they don't want to). You don't need to brush them after use.

7. The first aid box is now inside under the the Head Coach Box

8. If you leave the club and nobody is there please make sure the blue door of the clubhouse is locked, all the court gates are closed, if it's at night the floodlights have been switched off and can you shut the wooden gate at the entrance on your way out.

9. Make sure when you come to the club now if you have one you bring your clubhouse key just in case you have to lock up.



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